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Wednesday 27 July 2016

Recycle for Dudley

Dudley Council takes the environment very seriously and we know that you care about recycling waste too. We are rolling out a new kerbside collection service for our residents and we're also helping schools and businesses to recycle more for Dudley.

Kerbside recycling collections

Your fortnightly recycling collection service will now include plastic bottles and cardboard as well as the paper, cans and glass we already collect.

If you are new to the plastic and cardboard recycling service, you will receive a blue and green bag. Most households already have a black box, which will still be needed for the new service.

You have three containers rather than just one as keeping items separate helps to maintain quality of materials.

Black box

Once you have received your blue and green bag your black box will be for collecting glass bottles and jars only.

Blue bag

Your blue bag is for paper and card only. Large cardboard boxes can be placed next to your containers for collection. Please ensure that all polystyrene and other packaging has been removed as we are unable to recycle these materials.

Green bag

Your green bag is for plastic bottles as well as food and drink cans. Food tins should be rinsed clean and all items should be placed loose in the bag.

We're focusing on plastic bottles only as they're made from the main types of plastics which can be easily recycled. Please don't include other plastic items such as yoghurt pots or margarine tubs. We cannot recycle these currently as they're made from different type of lower quality plastic.

Further information on recycling from home

Visit www.dudley.gov.uk/recycling

Or contact Dudley Council Plus on dudleycouncilplus@dudley.gov.uk or 0300 555 2345 



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